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Below is a basic list of flags you may see during a typical Precision Trackdays event.
All flags will be reviewed in depth at the mandatory rider's meeting, as well as in 'Sport Group' classroom sessions.
Yellow Flag
Yellow flags can be standing or waving. There is NO PASSING. A standing yellow means that you should sharpen your focus, be aware of a potential distraction. DO NOT jam on the brakes. A waving yellow means you are approaching the trouble spot. Be extra vigilant, move through the problem area without adding to it.
There is NO PASSING under yellow flag conditions
Surface Flag
Surface flags indicate that the track surface has changed, creating a possible traction issue (gravel, dirt, oil, bike parts, etc.) This flag should be treated like a yellow in that NO PASSING is allowed, and keep an eye out for debris.
Red Flag
Red flags mean 'Stop'
FIRST, Raise your left hand to warn other of your intention to do something unusual/unexpected. Pull 'off line' and slow to a safe spot within range of a corner worker. You must be close enough that you can see them and they can see and communicate with you. You must wait there for further direction from track staff before proceeding. Never remove your helmet while on track.A red flag is the only reson to stop on the track.

Chekered Flag
Your session is ending. Continue your lap and leave the track when you reach the exit. The flag can be displayed at various points on the track, but it means the same thing. Finish the lap you are on, and leave the track when you reach the exit. (If you see the checkered at the Start/Finish tower it means to ride beyond the flag and finish that lap, as opposed to taking extreme measures exit the track immediately.

Black Flag
Black Flags may be waving or pointed directly at you. A waving black flag means the same as a checkered flag. Your session is over (unscheduled end). Finish the lap you're on and leave the track when you reach the exit. If time permits, you may be permitted to re-grid.
In the event you see a black flag pointed directly at you, something is wrong with your equipment, or your riding, that requires attention. Raise your left hand, and pull off line, keep moving and check for fluid leaks. If you are leaking fluids, safely come to a stop 'off line' and wait for help from staff.
If there is no leak, keep moving and leave the track when you reach the exit. The track official or Precision staff will talk you and rectify the issue to get you back out on track.
Raising Left Hand
Before you do anything unexpected, whether you have just had a mechanical failure, whether there is bug in your helmet, a contact lens issues, before reacting to a red flag, before vomiting into your helmet, whether you've been stung by a bee, need to avoid a pile of horse excrement on the tarmac, before you pull into the pits, you must first indicate to those around you that something unusual/unexpected is about to occur.
This can be accomplished by raising your left hand.
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