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Rider Requirements
  • Minimum Age - You must be 18 years old or have a parent or guardian at the track to sign the required waiver.
  • Motorcycle License - You must have a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement, or a valid motorcycle competition license.
  • Experience - Precision welcomes riders interested in their first trackday experience. Motorcycle riding experience is needed, however. If you feel that you're a competent street rider, then Precision Trackdays 'Sport' group is perfect for you!
  • Insurance - We take precautions to ensure that every Precision event is safe but cannot control everything. You ride at your own risk. Precision Trackdays does not supply insurance for you or your bike.
  • Medical Insurance - You are required to keep proof of medical insurance coverage with you.
  • Motorcycle Insurance & Accident Costs - In the event of an accident you are fully responsible for all costs and potential liability, including any medical cost, transportation, or other costs of any kind (we just can't list everything). Please be prepared, act responsibly, and take precautions for yourself and others.
  • Signed Waivers - Precision Trackdays are provided by Precision Ltd., a Nevada LLC. When you arrive at registration you will be asked to sign a waiver and release of liability for Precision Trackdays/Precision Ltd.


Proper Riding Gear:

                    Proper riding gear is required. If you have any questions please email us in advance. We will not give refunds if you arrive unprepared.

  • Undamaged DOT approved full face helmet with face shield.
  • Motorcycle leathers: One piece leather motorcycle suits are recommended. Two-piece leather suits that zip together are acceptable provided they are the 360, 'full zip' style. Cordura (nylon) one-piece or 360 zip-together motorcycle suits are acceptable in the Sport group, only.
  • Above the ankle, motorcycle-specific boots are required. Sturdy, over the ankle non motorcycle specific boots are permitted in Sport group. Exposed laces must be taped to prevent interference with foot controls or moving parts.
  • Motorcycle-specific gloves – sturdy, over the wrist ‘gauntlet style’ gloves required.
  • Back protector & ear plugs are strongly recommended. We usually have extra foam earplugs for you.
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