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Refunds, Cancellation & Reschedule Policy:
Cancellations with more than 2 weeks notice are entitled to 100% refund.  Cancellations within 14 days and you own the day. No credits or refunds will be issued within 14 days of the event, but you may sell, trade or gift the day to someone else.   Sell it to a friend or online, work out a deal – no problem!  Notification via email prior to the event with the rider's name and group is required.  The email insures the registration process to run smoothly for everyone.
Weather Policy: Track expectations are that we ride rain or shine.  We’ll be there ready to ride and you should be also. If track conditions are so bad we can’t run at all you will get a rain-check to reschedule for another trackday (dependent on track refunds due to unsafe conditions) Determinations of safe conditions are made by both the track and Precision Trackdays management.
Riders must possess a valid drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement, or motorcycle competition license
Participants must have riding experience, and/or be competent street riders. Trackdays are not appropriate for the first time rider.
Any participant under 18 must be with a parent or legal guardian the day of event to sign consent forms.
Participants will not use or consume any intoxicants during a track event. Alcohol and drugs impair your ability to operate a motorcycle. Family and friends are encouraged to attend events, but remember that you are responsible for your guests.
Pit speeds are limited to 5 mph.
There will be no verbal or physical confrontations.  Infractions may result in being required to leave without refund.
No checks accepted at the track.  Cash or Paypal are the only options for making payments the morning of an event.
A postponement/cancellation due to rain will be determined the day of the event. If it is raining the morning of the event, we will make a decision based on track conditions and weather reports.
Any sale or transfer of trackdays must be authorized though Precision Trackdays via an e-mail sent to RideWithPrecision@gmail.com, prior to the event. If not, the sale/transfer will not be honored.
Precision events begin with the rider's meetings that cover information critical to the safety of all participants. The rider's meeting is mandatory and very important. If you do not attend the rider's meeting, you will not be allowed to ride until you can be given the day's details by an instructor. Keep in mind, if the instructors are working, you will be waiting in the pits until we have time to go over all the information with you. This if for your safety and the safety of your fellow riders.
Crash Policy: It is not guaranteed that you will be permitted back on the track after a crash. If you are cleared by on-site medical personnel and your bike passes an additional tech inspection, you may be allowed to rejoin after sitting out one full session. This missed session is for your safety, and allows Precision's staff an opportunity to discuss the incident with you and evaluate your safe return to riding.
There is no guarantee that those that crash will be permitted back on track.
Compliance with Safety Procedures: Participants agree to comply with all safety procedures and track staff instructions. Failure to comply with track and paddock rules may lead to your being asked to leave the event without refund.
On Track Regulations:
Riders may only enter the course under the express direction of the grid marshal.
No rider may endanger life or limb or property of other riders, officials, or guests.
Dangerous riding includes (but is not limited to) a blatant violation of flags displayed by corner workers, using an unapproved track entrance, or exit without being directed to do so by staff, or track officials. Riders who act in such manner and are reported to track officials or Precision Trackdays staff and will be asked to leave the event - without exception, appeal, or refund being given.
There is one track entrance and one exit which will be reviewed in the riders meeting.
No rider is permitted to 'apex' turn one when released on to the track. Riders must stay to the outside of the first corner  on their first lap, but are free take the inside line each consecutive lap. There will be an in depth review of track entry procedures during rider’s meeting.
Any rider observed riding recklessly in the pit or paddock area may be ejected from the event. However, warnings will be given wherever possible for minor rule violations
It is your responsibility to be safe and courteous to other members.
There will be NO STOPPING on the track at any time, unless directed by track officials.
Each rider must raise his/her hand when coming off pace or exiting the track.
We reserve the right to enforce all the rules along with any rules and regulations set forth by the hosting track.
  At Precision Trackdays, your safety is paramount.  We insist on strict adherence to the rules and regulations as they are designed to maintain the safest possible environment. No refunds will be given to those failing to meet the requirements, or follow the rules.
  In the pursuit of safety, Precision Trackdays continually reviews it’s policies, and occasionally will add, modify, or amend rules. When possible, please refer to Precision’s website and pay close attention for changes.  If you have a question about a policy or procedure we invite you to contact us at the track, or by email at  RideWithPrecision@gmail.com