Multi-Group Format 
Our events are structured to provide a comfortable separation between riders of different abilities. Precision Trackdays prefers the 3 group format. It's not fun to spend your first day worrying about being overtaken by factory sponsored racers. Those folks ride in their own group. The second group, called "B-Group," maintains a spirited pace. The third group, or "C-Group," is where riders can become acclimated to this new and very exciting environment. (It takes a few laps to realize that there's no double yellow line!) Most events follow this 3 group format with each group having their own 20 minute session every hour.

C-Group is for riders without track experience and those preferring to develop riding skills at a more comfortable pace. Before entering the C-group, one should already be comfortable on the street. A minimum of 6 foot buffer between riders is maintained. The first C-group session of the each day consists of several instructor-led 'sighting laps' that orient each rider to the entry and exit procedures as well as the corner worker stations. If it's your first track day, you must sign up for the C-group.

B-Group is a fast paced group comprised of experienced track riders comfortable with higher speeds and more consistent lines. The group of riders are at ease with closer passing, the meaning of flags, and track entry/exit procedures. B group often hosts the widest disparity of rider skill, which is mitigated by riders moving up or down, into the most appropriate group for their skill level.


A-Group hosts the licensed racers as well as and the fast and experienced track day riders. These riders exhibit and maintain very consistent lines which allows for very close passing. The rules are more liberal in the A-group, but passing is to be executed safely. This group shares similar feel to an open race practice environment.

Riders assign themselves to the appropriate group based on skill level and experience. If you are unsure which group you belong, choose conservatively. All sessions are monitored and riders will be moved to the best group for their particular skill set. Requests to 'bump up' are granted if deemed appropriate.

Typical Schedule (3-group format)
 7:00    Gates open
 7:30    Registration begins - Tech opens
 8:15    Mandatory riders meeting
 9:00    A-Group begins the day
 9:20    B-Group
 9:40    C-Group sighting laps
                Rotation of groups continue until lunch
 12-1    Lunch (time flexible dependent on conditions)
 1:00    Afternoon session begin with next group in order
                Rotation of groups continue until 5pm
 5:00   On track activities end, which gives us opportunity to reflect on the day, meet new friends, share a few stories, or B-B-Q.
          Camping at our multi-day events is part of the fun!