• What do I need to do to my bike?
Always check your bike for safety before heading to the track. Tires and brakes should be in very good condition.  All of the required preparation is so easy that it can be done at the track on the morning of the event.  Taping over the lenses of the motorcycle and removing or taping over mirrors eliminate the distractions for you and your fellow riders.  By reducing distractions, we're able to focus on what is important!  The bike does not need to be safety wired, but recommended.
Visit Bike Prep for bike requirements
  • What do I need to wear?
A one-piece, or a zip-together leather suit is required in the SuperSport and HyperSport groups.  One piece or zip-together textile suits are permitted in the Sport group. Sturdy boots (over the ankle) and leather gloves extending past the cuff of the sleeve are required, as is an undamaged full face, DOT or SNELL approved helmet.
Visit Rider & Gear  for more information.
  • How much will I be able to ride?
Precision uses the 'three session format (unless otherwise indicated)  The very fastest riders will have the first 20 minutes of each hour.  Quick riders with track experience ride the second 20 minutes.  Riders new to the track, or preferring more relaxed speeds will have the third 20 minute session of the hour.  There is a one hour break for lunch. We start riding at 9am and end at 5pm.  Bring extra fuel, many riders use 10 gallons/day! 

  •  What's the normal schedule?
Registration opens shortly after 7am. Rider's meeting will be at 8:15am. First session rolls at 9:00am, the second session begins at 9:20, and the third commences at 9:40.  Standard lunch break from noon until 1:00pm. Sessions resume at 1pm and go til 5pm.  Sometimes it's necessary to modify the schedule due to conditions and/or weather.  Click Here for more details
  • What happensif I'm late and don't attend the rider's meeting?
The rider's meeting is MANDATORY and very important. If you do not attend the rider's meeting, you will not be allowed to ride until you can be given the day's details by an instructor. Keep in mind, if the instructors are working, you will be waiting in the pits until we have time to go over all the information with you. This policy is for your safety and the safety of your fellow riders.
  • How do I know what group to sign up for?
Riders choose one of three groups while registering for an event.  C-group, B-group, and A-group.   When deciding between two groups, be conservative.  Riders can be 'bumped up' to the best fit.  If you've never been to the track before, it's imperative to select C-group.

The C-group riders are offered their own 'Introduction to the track, and track etiquette,' and receive in depth review of the flags    used during the day. These are absolutely vital to maintain the safest environment possible for you and your fellow riders. 
More info on groups can found in the Overview section
  • Do you offer real instruction for new trackday riders?
Yes we do, and it's included at no extra charge.  Precision believes that instruction for people with limited or no track experience should consist of more than just a few extra minutes at a rider's meeting.  We blend classroom sessions with on-track instruction for everyone in the Sport group.  Quality instruction is available for more advanced groups, as well.  Instructors are selected carefully for their ability to communicate key principles and are always approachable.   
  •  Is there a big difference between riding on the street vs. the track?
YES!  In fact, track enthusiasts agree that “It can take a year of street riding to learn what you can learn in one trackday.’’  Track riding offers repetition in a very controlled, safer than street environment.  Repetition is the secret of skill mastery. There are no speed limits.  The main rule is that everybody ride safely within their limits, and have fun.
  • Does Precision Trackdays offer a introductory course?
YES! If you’re wondering what it’s all about but aren't ready for a trackday, Try the Track is an opportunity to sample the track and gain valuable instruction. This is a perfect course for a new MSF graduate who is looking to take their skills to the next level and this is highly recommended for new track day riders. A six hour course with dedicated instructors are here to help elevate your skills and calm your nerves. Ride with friends. Ride with confidence. Ride with Precision.
Check the schedule for details to Try the Track 
  •  What is your crash policy?
Precision enforces our safety rules and encourages riders to be careful, courteous and ride within their limits but we recognize that crashes can occur.  If you crash you will miss a minimum of one full session.  If you've been cleared by on site medical staff we'll evaluate you and your equipment before allowed to return to the track.  
  • Can I ride my bike to and from the track?
While it is possible to ride to and from the track, remember that you’ll be riding about 20 minutes every hour which can be very tiring.  We recommend, if possible, that you trailer your bike to our events.    
  • Where should I stay for a two day event?
Camping at the track is a great way to relax with your riding buddies and become friends with the some of the Precision staff you've worked with during the day.  We project movies of that days riding, watch DVD's of motorcycle racing, (or the occasional Will Ferrell movie)  Overnight camping at Reno Fernley Racetrack is considered primitive (no running water or electricity,) which isn't for everyone.  Precision will continue to negotiate with local hotels to provide the best discounted rates for our riders. 
Check the website for details.
  • Do you limit the number of riders?
Definitely. For enhanced riding enjoyment and safety we limit the number of riders on the track.  This means that some, or  even all groups can sell out, so sign up early!
  • How do I sign up?
Registering is easy.You can register by selecting the Event Schedule tab at PrecisionTrackdays.com


Still have questions???  Send your email to  RideWithPrecision@gmail.com