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Bike Prep
  • Tires and brakes should be in new or nearly new condition. Tire vendor services at the track is not guaranteed. Please email us or plan ahead. Always check your bike over for safety. Disconnect or remove the fuses for the lights. Check to be sure the bike operates normally after this step.
  • Tape over all lenses and mirrors. Blue 'painters tape' works best, and doesn't leave residue. No light should be visible, or 'bleed through.' Tape over the speedometer, as well. The reason for taping is to eliminate the distractions to you and your fellow riders. By reducing distractions, we're able to focus on what is important!
  • The bike does not need to be safety wired, but wiring the oil drain and fill caps is highly recommended, and easy to do.
  • Taping wheel weights is required. Duct tape works well.
  • Draining antifreeze and replacing it with pure water or water wetter additive is recommended but is not required. We allow engine ice or glycol based coolants.
Tech Inspection:
Helmets and all riding gear must be presented at tech inspection. Precision staff will perform an overall visual and tactile assessment checking for issues such as leaks, loose fittings, or other safety concerns. Your bike and gear MUST pass tech inspection each day before getting on the track. No refunds will be issued for bikes failing inspection or for inappropriate riding gear.
Tech Inspection includes safety items such as:
  • Crisp throttle return mechanism
  • Hand controls intact, with properly tightened levers and grips in good condition.
  • Foot controls properly attached and nothing loose or with excessive play, with no missing bolts.
  • Chain properly adjusted – generally 1 inch of slack above the swing arm but check your owner’s manual for manufacturer recommended tension and adjust prior to event.
  • Tires in new or nearly new condition
  • Wheel weights securely taped. (duct tape or similar)

Overview -  Rider & Gear - Bike Prep & Tech Policies -  Trackday Flags